Discover Your Creative Calling...

We are called to create for change. And we change culture by creating more culture, not by fighting a "culture war". But... how do we start? Get the answer by discovering your unique creative calling today.

What's Your Creative Type?

Type 1

The Visionary

You are self-controlled, disciplined, and very purposeful about wanting to make an impact on the world. But you can burn yourself out in pursuit of more, and better, and the ever-elusive "perfect."

Type 2

The Patron

You help others bring their creative dreams to life. You recognize that we are better when we create for change together. But you get swept up in other’s ideas and projects without listening to your own callings. 

Type 3

The Producer

You are driven to succeed in every creative pursuit. You do whatever it takes to “ship”. But you can trample others in order to achieve your creative vision.

Type 4

The Innovator

You feel most alive when you are creating something completely new to the world. But you can lack follow through, especially when an idea has “already been done before”.

Type 5

The Mastermind

You can see how all the pieces fit together to accomplish your creative vision. You retreat to your lair and figure out complex issues. But you can prize ideas over execution to your own detriment.

Type 6

The Rebuilder

You create improvements that make the things around you better. You prize having things working well and will tweak and adjust until all systems are humming along at optimal efficiency. But you shy away from taking creative risks.

Type 7

The Adventurer

You are ready to try out something new at a moment's notice. You can mold yourself to fit any creative team and provide value. But you don’t stick with creative projects after the initial glow wears off.

Type 8

The Change Agent

You see something that needs changed and you personally move heaven and earth to change it. You embody Creative Destruction. But you run over others, even potential creative collaborators, all in the pursuit of an ideal.

Type 9

The Collaborator

You bring out the creative best in yourself and others by working together. You find that people come to you often to bounce ideas around and you usually offer insights that make those ideas even better. But you don’t take yourself and your ideas seriously enough to dare to accomplish great things.


We are created for change, and we are called to create for change.

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The Created for Change community is for people who want to change something in the world around them, understand their place in the world, and discover how their unique giftings might allow them to make a difference.


The truth about culture change is simple. We change culture by creating culture, not by fighting against culture or merely by electing the political candidates who promise to pass laws and appoint judges in agreement with our values, and certainly not by arguing our case on social media. We create for change.


Hear from Creators

Hear from creators, influencers, business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, talkers, servers, action-takers, and makers who are called to create for change and learn how you can do the same. Discover your Creative Calling today!

“We serve a Creator, with a capital C. One of the ways in which we’ve been made in his image is that we also delight in creating… That means everyone on earth could justly label themselves a Creative. That means that even if you don’t wear hipster glasses, skinny jeans, and have Justin Bieber hair, you’re a Creative. It means that even if you’re a banker, a produce manager, or a doctor you’re a Creative. So, allow me to reclaim that hijacked adjective, for the good of the world. None of us in this room is a Creative. But all of us are creative.”

andrew peterson
Andrew Peterson

“We’re image bearers, created to rule, to partner with God in pushing and pulling the creation project forward, to work it, to draw out the earth’s potential and unleash it for human flourishing — to cooperate with God in building a civilization where his people can thrive in his presence. And in this cosmic agenda, each of us has a vocation, a calling from God, a way that God wired us, somebody to be and something to do — because the two merge in perfect symmetry.”

john mark comer
John Mark Comer

"We draw people to Christ not by loudly discrediting what they believe, by telling them how wrong they are and how right we are, but by showing them a light that is so lovely that they want with all their hearts to know the source of it."

Madeleine L'Engle

"When we follow our Creator God’s call to create businesses, nonprofits, art, music, books, and other products, we are not just doing something good for the world, we are doing something God-like. This is important because it validates the deep desire in our souls to create.”

Jordan Raynor